Bouwe & Co gasar för 16:e dagen

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Bouwe håller ångan uppe och tror att om två dagar blir det omstart. Och igen vid Nya Zeerland .


Förhållandena är ibland bra med behaglig vind och fin fart, ibland tålamodsprövande med regn och svag vind.

Här är vad Bowue har att berätta om det senaste från Team Brunel, som dock är från i lördags. 


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Feb 17

We are back in action having internet connection again after a service period of Inmarsat satellites. Yes , also these have to get serviced! You just realise how dependent you get on the net. Contact with home, position reports, downloading the all so important weather info, what to do now?

The last part, the weather files haven't been very useful at all the last few days. The massive super cells / thunder storms are running the show. Who has not seen storm chasers, there they show very nicely how unpredictable these storms are. We do not have any sophisticated tracking devices like doppler radar, only satellite pictures so very hard to predict. Also not to forget we are not so fast, so nearly impossible to ever out sail one.

Just back to Inmarsat and the Cobham communication equipment. Just hats off for them, they give us a remarkable service and outstanding equipment. It is amazing for a simple yachtie like I am, to see how this all works. They show you these drawings how it functions! Boat send signal or message to satellite, then satellite send it race back to earth, you just don't realise through how many loops that message has gone, not speak about the zillion of hours both companies have spend to get their products are today. And then they still have the drive and eager to make it better, chapeaux!

Onboard all well, most have taken several showers in the rain, not me. First of all, I hate to get cold, but also my wound on my leg is still not healed, so try to keep it dry... babywipes and deo have to do the job for me. And yes, even that the seawater is a whopping 30.5 degrees, you still see the guys shivering after a while, when standing bare chest in the rain for a long period. Some will never learn :-)

Although we have two iceman onboard! Carlo and Pete must be made out of steel, they can stand a complete watch in the pouring rain without foullies on, without me noticing that they ever shiver a tiny bit... They must burn through some calories. Explains also, why these guys are always scavenging through our food bag!



Leg 6
Hong Kong to Auckland 19 February 2018
Positions at: 13:00 UTC
SHKS 0.00 0.00 RAC 13.2 135º 12.8 236º 1713.36
AKZO 2.78 1.76 RAC 10.6 170º 12.2 220º 1716.14
TBRU 19.31 10.56 RAC 2.7 137º 2.0 177º 1732.67


TTOP 38.83 3.08 RAC 7.0 131º 5.8 209º 1752.18
DFRT 93.52 19.00 RAC 5.8 125º 3.2 230º 1806.87
MAPF 93.98 19.14 RAC 7.3 151º 6.2 213º 1807.34


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